What Are Residents Our Saying About Belvedere Commons of Seneca

I think that the grounds inside Belvedere Commons and the size of the place were very impressive. It seemed nicer than most of the other places that I saw. The rooms seemed a little bigger, although the square footage was comparable and the layout was just a little different. It is in the top two on my list. The amenities were very impressive, and there were a lot of activities for the residents, both in and out of house. A week prior to my visit, they had taken them up to the South Carolina Mountains to view the leaves and changing of the season. It was not just an outing to the mall, so they seemed to have a very active program.

December 2016

Trey Via Caring.com

We like Belvedere Commons because it’s a smaller place. Some of them that we have been involved in before at another state were pretty large. We like Belvedere Commons. It is a little more intimate. My dad seems to really like the meals. He gets three very fulfulling meals a day. The staff is very caring. They are there to respond when we call. They’re responsive and caring. It takes awhile to try and get adjusted, but he understands that this is the best place for him for the good of all the family.

November 25, 2016

Thalia via Caring.com

Dear Barbara,

Wanted to take a minute to personally thank you and all of your staff for being such a top-notch facility. The fall of my mother started a ripple effect that we weren’t necessarily prepared for. After having surgery and therapy, it was clear that she could not go back to her home and needed full time assisted living.

My wife Ruth and I spent a couple of weekends shopping for a good place for Mom to live. What an eye-opening experience that was. There is a lot to consider in making a decision like this, including cost, safety, security, level of care, the quality of food, friendliness and ability of personnel, peace of mind, and the overall well-being of the loved one who will be residing there (my Mom). That is a tall order for any facility to fulfill and it was clear in our visits that many fell short in some/a lot of these areas. We started to get a little discouraged, but kept searching. We visited 5 or 6 before finding Belvedere Commons.

We made the trek to Seneca and am so glad we did. We walked in and our first impression was “wow!” Standing in the lobby, it was so bright and cheery. There was a “buzz” about the place that was obvious to us. We saw your team actively serving the residents in the dining hall, all looking professional, with smiles on their face. We were greeted with pleasant “hellos” and “can we help yous”. It was so clear that your staff enjoyed being there. All things that we did not see in the prior visits to other facilities.

We had a wonderful visit with you in your office sharing your passion and calling to this sort of service, and in particular, to Belvedere Commons. As our visit and tour went on, it was clear that you being there was a big reason/result of all that we saw that day. I truly believe that the identity of any organization is a direct reflection of its leadership.

It was clear to us as we left that day that Belvedere Commons was the place for Mom. She has been there for about 2 months now, and there are no regrets at all. There is still an adjustment period that we are all going through, which is to be expected. But the fact that we do not need to worry about Mom’s well-being and where she is living is a big relief through all of it. Cannot brag on and thank your staff enough for all they do and how they do it, and for their commitment to making Belvedere Commons the special place that it is. Its uniqueness clearly sets it apart from the norm.

Thank you…
Eric Meyhoefer

Mari Jo Grace, CEO GRACE MANAGEMENT, Inc 6225 42nd Avenue North Minneapolis, MN 55422

Dear Ms. Grace:

My mother recently moved into Belvedere Commons of Seneca, SC from another local Assisted Living facility because of considerable dissatisfaction. I note that only because it is pertinent to my comments. We are often times quick to criticize when something is wrong, but far too remiss to compliment when it is deserved. With that as a preface, let me state how pleased we are with Belvedere Commons.

When the decision had been made to look into another Assisted Living facility, we visited three local agencies, including the Commons. Without naming the other two, our immediate response to the Commons was very positive, and much of that was the result of your Sales Director. Through the whole process from the initial visit and tour, to filling out the seemingly never-ending forms, to the actual move-in date; she was extremely helpful and a pleasure to work with in terms of both her professionalism and knowledge. Equally important however, was the compassion and caring that she showed in discussing how the Commons interacted with the residents. The fact that we chose Belvedere Commons is a direct result of the way we were treated at all stages of the decision making process.

Taking a step further, my observation is that all the employees of Belvedere Commons work as an effective team, foster a friendly atmosphere, take pride in their work, and put all aspects of caring for our seniors as their first priority.

It pleases me to report that our decision was the right one; my mother is extremely happy at the Commons and that is a direct result of the staff. Everyone from the cooks and their staff, to the Activities Director and Nurse, to the Outreach Director and Director seems to have a logistical command on how to run an Assisted Living facility; balanced with a thoughtful and attentive attitude of meeting the needs of our senior citizens.

Job Well Done...!


Thomas C Eckersley

May 14, 2012

To whom it may concern:

Although we recently completed the survey from Belvedere, our family felt we should write a note of appreciation for the care our mother has received from this community. She has found life, friends and a sense of purpose that had been missing from her life for too long a time. Barbara and Kelly, as well as the entire staff, have been available at times when most people are enjoying their evenings and weekends, as well as during the work day. Our questions have been immediately answered, and support and help have been given immediately. The staff that are in charge at the property for such long periods of time is difficult for me to understand how they can be there so much of the time, but it certainly proves their dedication to the residents and their welfare.

My mother, Lillian McCall, went from a very frightened senior who did not know what to do with her life to someone who looks forward to each day. Thank you for the love and care she receives at Belvedere. She's happy for the first time in several years. We are happy with her room, her care and the dignity with which she is treated. You went far beyond what was expected in helping us through the difficult transition period. Thank you for the knowledge, the encouragement and continued efforts made to make us part of the extended family of Belvedere. We feel welcomed and at ease because she is safe and happy.


Frieda Bennett




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